Background and Formation

I was born as son of the inquisitive teacher Ilse Fahl (born Roeders) and the "inventive" physicists Cristoph Fahl. I have studied Piano bzw. IGP (Instrumental Pedagogy) and Jazz  at the KUG in Graz/Austria.
While teaching Piano in Berlin after with great pleasure, I continued at the same time to study at the F.U. Berlin and graduated in Musicologycomparative Literary Science, German Literature and Biology and have participated in all four subjects, while kept being constantly active in music.

Being five years old, I owed the very first joyfull expierience with playing the piano my wonderfull first Pianoteacher the very lively Lady with Italian origin Mrs.Teichmann whose elder Pupil Gerrit Zitterbart continued later my Piano lessons. After finishing School I studied in Graz Piano with Prof. Sebastian Benda. In several interpretationcourses and masterclasses I received some additional advises among others from Einaar Steen Noekleberg, Hans Leygraf, Lew Naumov, Jergen Uhde, Tibor Hazay und Peter Feuchtwanger. Beside tht I studied at the same time with Harry Neuwirth Jazzpiano and participated during that studies Workshops among others from Bobby McFerrin, Bill Dobbins, Richie Beirach

(Prof. Jean Sebastian Benda)

At the F.U. Berlin  I studied with Prof. Rudolf Stephan , achieved the Master Degree with a detailed Study on a large Oratoric Work composed by the german romantic composerFelix Draeseke and wrote as my doctoral thesis a mit Monographic Study on the Student of J. Brahms Robert Kahn . While this is not my main subject today, I do frequently publish musicological articles:


- Steffen Fahl: Tradition der Natuerlichkeit. Zu Biographie, Lyrikvertonung und Kammermusik des spaeromantischen Klassizisten Robert Kahn (= Berliner Musik Studie, Bd. 15), Sinzig: Studio, 1998.
- Steffen Fahl: Robert Kahn, in: Komponisten der Gegenwart, 14. Nlfg., Hanns-Werner Heister, Walter-Wolfgang Sparrer (Hg.), Muenchen: edition text + kritik, Apr. 1998.
- Steffen Fahl: Von inniger Freude am Sein und Schaffen. Der Komponist Robert Kahn, in: mr-Mitteilungen, Nr. 34, musica reanimata. Foerderverein zur Wiederentdeckung NS-verfolgter Komponisten und ihrer Werke e. V., Berlin: 1999, S. 1-8.
- Steffen Fahl: Robert Kahns Kammermusik fuer Klarinette, in: Rohrblatt. Zeitschrift fuer Oboe, Klarinette, Fagott und Saxophon, Jg. 21, Nr. 2, Frechen: 2006, S. 84-90.
- Steffen Fahl: Artikel Robert Kahn im LexM online Lexikon verfolgter Musiker und Musikerinnen (publiziert vom Institut fuer Musikwissenschaft der Universitaet Hamburg)
- "Vergessene Komponisten, Ein Konzertprojekt mit Werken von Robert Kahn" Chorzeit Nr.8 September 2014
- A.A.Klengel, Der unbestrittene Grossmeister des romantischen Kontrapunktes (Essay zur Gesamtaufnahme der Kanons und Fugen uf 3.7.2014
- Das unbekannte Chorschaffen Alban Bergs in Chorzeit Nr.47 September 2018
(not to mention occasionally several prefaces or Essays for Concertprogramms- and CD-Recordings)

After completing my Studies in comparative Litarature with Eberhardt Laemmert at the Peter Szondi Institut Berlin, and a additional also completed Study of german Litarature   concentrated on medival german Literature among others with Prof. Dieter Kartschorke and Literature of the 19th and 20th Century among others with Horst Denkler and Rolf Peter Janz. Beside that studies I worked for the editorial department for classical Music of Radiostations like the Suedwestfunk Baden-Baden (today SWR), Bayerischen Rundfunk,  and the feuilleton of two major Berlin Newspaper (a)(b). With some articles and Essays  the Lectures the Arno-Schmidt-Research and contributed Emmanuel Hilschers (1804-1837) first german Translation of George Gordon Noel Lord Byrons Manfred and Walter Benjamins Essays "Ueber die Sprache ueberhaupt und ueber die Sprache des Menschen" bzw. "Goethes Wahlverwandtschaften" to the german Project Gutenberg.

(Falladatage Carwitz 2015)

I studied Biology at the F.U, Berlin mainly at the Institut fuer systematische Botanik und Pflanzengeografie.  A geobotanic expedition through California and a few month later a longer sojourn im the Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center in the Mojave Wueste provided the fundament for a geobotanic Thesis on Plant-Ecology of Hydrophyllaceen, in the Mountains (Picture 1,Picture 2,Pictue 3,Picture 4) of the Mojave-Desert which I wrote as Part of the Team of Prof. Hilger, covering beside the plantecology electron-microscopical aspects aswell as genetic aspects.

(Hydrophyllaceen in Desertspring in the Moojawe Desert/California)